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Digby Veevers-Carter

Born in 1966, Digby Veevers-Carter’s earliest memories are of his family's turtle farm in the Seychelles located off the east coast of Africa. The family left Astove in the early 70s and returned to England where Veevers-Carter received his degree from York University. In 1992, he moved to New York City to immerse himself in the arts studying drawing, sculpting, and painting.

Veevers-Carter began his sculpting career carving stone. He transitioned to modeling with wax where he found greater artistic freedom defining his own boundaries of form rather than having them imposed upon him by the size and shape of a stone. By casting and finishing his own work, Veevers-Carter has acquired a deep understanding of the craftsmanship required to invigorate the material, lend depth to the sculpture, and illuminate his artistic expression. For Veevers-Carter, working in bronze is the perfect marriage of inspiration and craft. 

Veevers-Carter’s body of work stems from his desire to capture the essence of unspoken emotion and pulls freely from the religious, literary, and artistic movements of the Greco-Roman, medieval and Renaissance periods. His most recent body of work explores movement and detail in nature. He is drawn into the magnificence locked in seemingly simple aspects of life; an insect’s exoskeleton, the stillness of an ancient tree, or the animation of wind.

Sculpture available through private and gallery sales.



Digby Veevers-Carter



Digby Veevers-Carter


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Somerset Sculpture and Foundry has been casting bronze since 2002. We specialize in collaborating with artists, gallery owners, and art representatives to create the highest quality bronze sculpture specific to individual artists and site needs.  Your project is completed from start to finish on site by the foundry team which has been working together exclusively for 15 years.


Mold Making

Molds are made from your original medium and can be used for up to ten years for a number of editions of your choice.


Each wax is individually poured, prepared and available for artist inspection prior to casting.



We cast in small batches to maintain the integrity of your project and produce the highest quality production result.

Finishing and Patina

We excel in the finishing process to ensure original detail and seamless assembly in the final stages of metal fabrication.

Artists are invited on site for patinas to guarantee complete satisfaction of project.



Digby Veevers-Carter, Instructor


Working With Wax

July 12 - Sept 14  

Fridays and Saturdays

10am - 3:30pm  

$125 per day

Wax is an essential part of the lost wax casting process.  This class is for experienced and beginning sculptors who desire to master the skill of working in wax and preparing sculptures for casting. 

This course is designed to teach wax working skills including hot and cold tool use, polishing, chasing (finishing parting lines from poured molds), how to pour and open molds, sculpting directly in wax, and what materials are acceptable to use in the casting process. 

Room for seven students per day.  Please call or email to sign up for dates of your choice, check for availability, or for additional information.



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